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Intelligent Cannabis Packaging Starts With

Trichome Smart Technology

Designed for Cultivators

Cultivator’s desire a pouch and vacuum sealer that works as hard as they do. That is why they select Terpene Fresh’s Pouches and Vacuum Sealers. Cultivators are the Master. They’ve earned their proprietary growing and harvesting methods through years of perfecting their craft. Cultivators choose Terpene Fresh Pouches because it’s a premium pouch that presses pause on degradation and protects their craft in 1lb and 10lb increments. Combined with a Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer, cultivators save time in packaging while providing maximum protection to their investment.

Preferred by Wholesalers

Do you sell Premium Pouches and Vacuum Sealers to your customers? Doesn’t matter if you are a hydroponic store, hardware store or a wholesaler- if you offer packaging supplies then your customers will love Terpene Fresh’s line of products. From retail boxes offering quantities of 25 pouches for smaller farms, to wholesale boxes in quantities of 200, your business can exceed your customer’s need for premium packaging supplies and equipment.


Interested in wholesale of Terpene Fresh Pouches and Vacuum Sealers in your area?

Please call our exclusive distributor Tom’s Tumble Trimmers at 1-800-601-0797.

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Distinguish your Brand

With custom branding options, you have the ability to distinguish your brand from your competitors in a quickly expanding marketplace. 3,000 minimum order for 1lb, 5lb or 10lb sizes.

Create your own custom pouch

For custom bulk packaging ranging in 1/2lb pouches to 10lb pouches. Download our free illustrator template and build your design to submit for a quote.

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Terpene Fresh wants you to have the best packaging and storage experience possible. Click here to view tips and troubleshooting suggestions to keep your operation up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What our customers are saying

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Besides having the best technology in the hemp packaging industry, we are also expert growers ourselves, so when we meet with our customers, not only do we know what they are talking about, but we also take that feedback and put it to work for future offerings.

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