Create your own custom pouch

With custom branding options, you have the ability to distinguish your brand from your competitors in a quickly expanding marketplace.

Interested in purchasing custom pouches?

Provide us with additional information as well as artwork if you have it. We look forward to helping you with your custom packaging needs.

    ***Artwork will be rejected if it does not follow the specified print guidelines***

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    Permeability in cannabis packaging will determine the overall quality of your hemp or cannabis. The higher the permeability, the faster your product will spoil. The lower the permeability, the longer your products remain fresh and unspoiled. Terpene Fresh Pouches have the lowest permeability to maximize your products quality.

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    Resealable for Multiple Uses and Functions

    Don’t waste money, create less waste. You win and so does the environment. Our pouches allow for multiple uses with the built in resealable zipper.

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    Active Mold Prevention

    All Pouches are hygroscopic (the ability to hold moisture from the air) which aides in preventing the environment to transform and becoming favorable for pathogens. This is accomplished when the pouch is heat sealed after the desired cure has been achieved.

    Integrated resealable zipper

    Having a zipper is a huge benefit. It prevents accidental spills when knocked over. It also helps during the curing process by allowing the pouch to be burped multiple times.

    Made to pair beautifully with our vacuum sealers

    Pair our pouches with a Terpene Fresh vacuum sealer to completely eliminate the need for humidity packs. This provides the ability to flush your pouch with an inert gas such as nitrogen to keep your terpenes fresh up to 10x longer.

    Keep what’s important in the bag and off the ground

    Our pouches are fitted with a stand up bottom gusset which allows you to easily set them upright for transferring bud during the packaging process. This eliminates the need for an extra set of hands and keeps more of your product in the bag which leads to less waste and more money in your pocket.

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