Turkey Bags are for turkeys, not hemp or legal cannabis. Start offering your customers access to Terpene Fresh Pouches and Vacuum Sealers that will prevent their valuable commodities from turning foul.


If you are a brick and mortar store that sells packaging already, consider selling Terpene Fresh Pouches. Your customers will thank you. Must have a valid re-sellers license and fill out a Credit Application.


Please contact Tom’s Tumble Trimmer to set up an account at 1-800-601-0797

Bringing Premium to Your Shelf

One of the many challenges a cannabis cultivator (grower) has is access to premium packaging to properly store their flower. Not anymore. Terpene Fresh is providing access through your brick-and-mortar store where customers can pick up premium packaging supplies on demand. No more waiting for shipping when customers can come in to your store and pay when they need it.

The last vacuum sealer your customer will buy

As an approved Terpene Fresh Wholesaler you will have access to the industry’s best vacuum sealer: Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers.

Stop offering your customers cheap vacuum sealers that you find at hardware stores; their sealers are made in China. Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers are made in the USA with a 2-Year Warranty and will be the last sealer vacuum sealer your customer will ever buy.

Competitive Pricing

We want you to be successful in selling Terpene Fresh Products and that is why we offer great pricing in 3-tiers based on your company’s volume.

Contact Tom’s Tumble Trimmer for Wholesale Pricing!

Get Started on your Credit Application

Wholesaler FAQ

How can I see a demo?

See a full demo on how to properly load a Terpene Fresh Pouch and use a Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer. Take me to the video.

What is my minimum order as a distributor?

1,000 total pouches is the minimum order to be a distributor. Pouches can be mixed but total number must reach 1,000. The minimum order to distribute Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers is two. Buy two sealers and Terpene Fresh provides a floor unit for free.(floor unit can’t be sold).

Fill out a Credit Application to become eligible to be a Distributor.

Does Terpene Fresh offer Free Shipping to Distributors.

Yes, for orders of 6000 (1lb) pouches and 2000 (10lb) pouches. (1 pallet) No mixing of pouches; all the same color on a pallet. International Shipping available, but is not free.

Do your products come with UPC Codes?

Yes, for the 1lb pouches in quantities of 200 per box, and 10lb pouches in quantities of 100 per box; a UPC Bar Code is not provided on retail boxes of quantities of 25.

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