Farmers choose to package with Terpene Fresh over all other brands. They know growing cannabis is a time consuming investment, and they want the best choice to protect that investment.

Protect your investment

Farmers dedicate great sums of money and energy to meet their harvest goals. That is why they choose Terpene Fresh Pouches and Vacuum Sealers to protect their investment. Python Fresh Pouches continue that hard work long after it leaves the farm by protecting flower from many forms of oxidation.

Save time and labor costs

Cultivators and Farmers save valuable labor time when packaging with Python Fresh Pouches and Vacuum Sealers. Our pouches feature a stand-up gusset for easy loading, and a zipper to prevent spills. All of our Vacuum Sealers provide a 1/4” thick seal and will package up to 2 pouches per minute. Time is money and Terpene Fresh helps reduce labor costs.

Ensure quality remains the same after it leaves the farm

For years it’s been standard practice for cultivators to use packaging equipment found at retail stores to package legal cannabis and hemp. These products are not designed to store cannabinoids and natural terpenes. They cause exposure to the oxygen in the atmosphere, moisture and light; altering the chemical composition for the flower to lose color, moisture, terpene profile (smell) and cannabinoid potency. Terpene Fresh Pouches protect from these harmful elements. Cultivators trust Terpene Fresh Pouches to care for their investment long after it leaves the field.

Pouches cultivators actually want to use

When you are ready to press pause on degradation, you use Terpene Fresh Pouches

Make Some Noise

Have your farm stand out with Customized Terpene Fresh Pouches

Cultivators FAQ

Why should I use Terpene Fresh Pouches compared to what is on the shelves at my retail store?

Turkey bags, pre-cut flat bags and roll-stock bags found in retail stores are not used in professional food packaging applications and should not be used to keep trichomes fresh. These low-grade products have a high permeability rate allowing outside air to exchange with the inside air. This will oxidize flower and degrade any lab potency tests. Not to mention off-gas of fumes can leach onto your products, tainting their quality and value.


Terpene Fresh pouches are made in Canada, have no off-gas, no tariffs, and have the lowest permeability to keep your products fresh!

What is Trichome Smart Technology?

Pouches: TST is a proprietary high-barrier film engineered for the storing and transportation of hemp and cannabis flower. TST protects trichomes from over exposure to oxidation and prevents mold/pathogens from contacting pouch’s contents. TST is puncture resistant and our opaque pouches prevent harmful UV light from damaging trichomes. Keep your lab results and investment protected with Trichome Smart Technology. Made in N. America (Canada). Learn more about Trichome Smart Technology.


Vacuum Sealer: TST includes utilizing a Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer to hermetically seal the pouch with a ¼” thick seal to achieve smell proof status (with the option of an air-gas flush).

Where do I buy Terpene Fresh products?

You can purchase direct through us or visit one of our amazing dealers.


Find a dealer close to you.

How does a Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer save my farm money?

Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers save time and money, and will be the only sealer you will buy. Package 100 pouches per hour (1lb pouches) or 60 pouches per hour (10lb Pouches), with one operator. (Assuming product is weighed and loaded into pouches). Compared to other vacuum sealers at retail stores that package 30 packages in 1 hour, TF Sealers are 3x faster and will lower your labor costs white getting the job done.

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