By: Ryan Pardee

What is Trichome Smart Technology?

What is Trichome Smart Technology?

Trichome Smart Technology (TST) is hemp and legal cannabis packaging that applies both high-barrier film and modified vacuum sealers designed to keep cannabis fresh during storage and transportation. TST is a two-step process applying vetted food science to achieve the best storage and transportation of cannabis:

Step 1:

Our high-barrier pouches help press pause on cannabis decay with a 3-layer design: 

  1. Inner layer is composed of a USA made, low-permeability film engineered to reduce outside air from entering through microscopic pores of the pouch. The Inner layer also is hygroscopic and eliminates the use of “Two-Way Humidity” packs*. 

*When heat sealed immediately after trim/manicure.

  1. Middle layer is a strong and flexible layer to help reduce punctures that may occur during storage or transport. 
  2. The Exterior Layer is metallized to reflect harmful UV Light from contacting the interior products (only on Opaque Pouches).

Step 2:

The second stage of TST is using a Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer to heat seal the pouch rendering it “smell proof”. “Smell proof” is only as good as your heat seal.

 In addition, all Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers have the option to remove the existing oxygen from the pouch and replace it with an inert gas to achieve long shelf-life

By using Trichome Smart Technology you are applying the Best Cannabis Packaging Practices that will protect your investment from degrading while in storage and transport. 

Definitions and sources.

Food Science is the study of the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food; the causes of food deterioration; and the concepts underlying food processing.

In cannabis, this area of expertise is applied to the proper storage and transport of cannabis to maintain lab results in a company’s supply-chain. This includes: a sterile packaging facility, a proper storage container, climate-controlled environments and protection during transport.

Low-Permeability. Permeability is the quality or state of being permeable—able to be penetrated or passed through, especially by a liquid or gas. The verb permeate means to penetrate, pass through, and often become widespread throughout something.

Permeability in cannabis packaging will determine the overall quality of your hemp or cannabis. The higher the permeability, the faster your product will spoil. The lower the permeability, the longer your products remain fresh and unspoiled. Terpene Fresh Pouches have the lowest permeability to maximize your products quality.

Hygroscopic is the ability to hold moisture from the air. In cannabis packaging, it is imperative to prevent your products from drying out*. Terpene Fresh Pouches are integrated with EVOH that maintains the moisture inside the pouch when heat sealed. Eliminating costly “two-way” humidity packs and retaining the weight of the hemp or cannabis flower.

*Unfortunately, if you have to rehydrate your flower because it is too dry, then the exposure to additional moisture will cause oxidation through a process called hydrolysis.

Inert-Gas are noble gases that are used in Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) to keep products fresh for as long as possible. Oxygen promotes oxidation and Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers are equipped with a snorkel that will replace the existing O2 in the pouch with inert gas to avoid degradation. MAP is used in nearly all professionally packaged perishable commodities ranging from foods in grocery stores, topicals, micro-chips, and surgical supplies.

Metallized. Terpene Fresh Opaque Pouches have an exterior defined as metallized: a process of applying vaporized metal to the exterior of the pouch for maximum protection from light and solvents. Light causes photodegradation and will oxidize hemp and cannabis. Terpene Fresh Opaque Pouches are metallized in two colors: silver and gold.

Reducing Punctures is essential to successful storage and transport of products stored in pouches. In cannabis, Terpene Fresh Pouches are puncture resistant because the middle structure is constructed of puncture resistant material.

Smell Proof is the classical cannabis definition of not being able to smell the terpenes associated with trichomes, but smell proof is only as good as your seal. Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers provide an industry best  ¼” thick seal to keep your pouch smell proof during storage and transport. 

Shelf-Life is the length of time for which an item remains usable, fit for consumption, or saleable. Cannabis has a short shelf-life when not stored properly. TST main goal is to maximize shelf-life for cannabinoids to ensure accurate lab tests that are on the products label.

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