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Our proprietary Trichome Smart Technology (TST) is built into every pouch that will help provide protection from loss of color, loss of terpene profile and prevent the trichomes from degrading; A far more superior product compared to cheap poultry bags that will oxidize your flower faster and turn it foul while in storage or transport.


Smell the difference with Terpene Fresh Pouches; A better way to package, store and transport.


Terpene Fresh cares about preserving more than just trichomes, we care about preserving our forests and keeping them green. That is why in 2021 we launched our Reduce, Reuse, Replant Campaign. Buy 25 pouches and plant 1 tree. Reduce Reuse Replant Campaign’s goal is to plant as many trees we can located in areas impacted by deforestation caused naturally or by man. At the end of every month we will announce on social media the results of achieving this goal.

Custom Pouches

Looking to stand out on the shelves with custom branded pouches?


Maintenance Kits

If you need to repair a worn out heating element, you will need a Seal Bar Kit. Choose the Seal Bar Kit that fits your vacuum sealer.

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