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    • For TF 2, TF-S, TF-2DS only
    • Made of anodized aluminum
    • Box Dimensions: 67” x 17” x 15” weighing 48lbs.
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    Save on labor costs

    Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers can vacuum and seal a pouch in less than 20 seconds- ultimately saving time and money on your packaging project.

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    Smell Proof Your Pouches

    Smell proof is only as good as the seal. That is why Terpene Fresh’s Vacuum Sealers all come with a 1/4” thick seal to provide maximum protection from detection.

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    Professional support

    Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers are designed to handle the toughest packaging project. From removing the oxygen from the atmosphere of the pouch, to tips on how to maintain your sealer’s performance- our support team has you covered to keep you packaging when you need it.

    Decrease degradation with an inert gas flush

    All Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealers have the option to remove the existing oxygen from the pouch and replace it with an inert gas to achieve long shelf-life.

    All of our sealers are equipped with a snorkel that will replace the existing O2 in the pouch with inert gas to avoid degradation. This is used in nearly all professionally packaged perishable commodities ranging from foods in grocery stores, topicals, micro-chips, and surgical supplies.

    Easily operated foot pedal

    All of our sealers are operated with a convenient foot pedal to keep your hands free during the vacuum and seal process. When you are ready to stop vacuuming, simply remove your foot from the pedal.

    Industry best 2-year warranty

    We stand by our commitment to provide the best tools for your packaging project. That is why we have a limited 2 year Warranty on our vacuum sealers.

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