By: Ryan Pardee

How to install a new SBK

How to install a new SBK

You will need a Seal Bar Kit (SBK) that is the size of your seal bar. If you don’t know your seal bar size then take a tape measure and measure the distance in inches of the seal bar you’re trying to repair: new black foam strip, new metal heating element with washers and thumb nuts.

First, remove black foam strip that runs parallel to the seal bar. Clean any residual adhesive with rubbing alcohol.

Next, locate the spare metal heating element, Teflon Tape and Rubber foam that came with your new vacuum sealer. Set aside.

Next, remove seal bar. To remove the seal bar, you will need to turn off the sealer, keep sealer connected to the air supply, grab an adjustable wrench and needle nose-pliers.

Unscrew the pressure bar bolts with adjustable wrench while holding the cylinder rods by the flat spots located at the top of the rod using the needle-nose pliers. Do not let the cylinder rods rotate while unscrewing pressure bar bolts.

Set aside pressure bar and the 2 bolts and the 4 internal tooth washers.

Remove the air-pressure to the vacuum sealer by disconnecting air source at external air-compressor. (If using TF-1, press and hold green button located at back of sealer until all air is out.)

Push snorkel inside the snorkel housing box.

Remove the existing 1 ½”Teflon that covers the old metal heating element.

Remove thumb nuts and washers from the heating element’s threaded rods located at both sides.

Press the right element post assembly inward. Use a large flat screw-driver to hold the element post in a compressed position.

Now, remove the old heating element by peeling off. Remove the washers below both posts. If the washers and thumb nuts look damage, use replacements that came in your SBK.

If damaged, remove the smaller ½” Teflon located underneath the old metal heating element, wipe clean of debris.

Remember to keep right post in a compressed position until you finish installing the new heating element.

Remove backing on new ½” Teflon tape and center over the ½” wide aluminum flat bar and press adhesive side down firmly.

Leave an extra ½” of Teflon tape extending past each end of the aluminum flat bar to avoid electrical grounding. (All touching metal must be covered with the Teflon to avoid arching).

Next, place one washer on each post.

Place the new metal heating element over the right post assembly. The folded side of the metal heating element faces down and must be touching the Teflon.

Add a washer to the top of the metal heating element and firmly hand-tighten the right post assembly with a thumb nut.

Make sure there is no space between the washers, metal heating element and thumb-nut. Kneel down to eye level of the washers, thumb-nut and heating element to make there is NO SPACE between components. This keeps the electrical current flowing properly. Tighten with pliers.

While keeping the right post post assembly compressed with the screw-driver, install the other end of the metal heating element. Washer first, then metal heating element, another washer, then firmly secure the thumb nut (use pliers).

Release the screw-driver at right post assembly.

Next, remove both backings from 1 ½” Teflon and center so that the non-adhesive covers the metal heating element.

Smooth out on each side and press adhesive side down firmly

Next, replace new black foam where old black foam was removed from the fist step.

Lastly, reinstall pressure bar by placing toother washer on the head of the bolt on the top left side of the pressure bar.

On the bottom-left of the pressure bar, place another tooth washer to where the bolt will thread through. Do the same to the right side of the pressure bar.

Connect air-supply to the sealer so the cylinder rods extend up.

Holding bottom washers on each side, place and hold the pressure bar over the cylinder rods. Carefully slide the bolts into the rods.

Turn pressure bar bolts clockwise all the way with your hand. Do not use tools yet.

Keep sealer off and now disconnect your air-supply.

Push snorkel into snorkel housing box and slowly lower pressure bar and cylinder rods.

Tighten the pressure bolts with adjustable wrench and do not over tighten.

Turn on the sealer and re-connect air-supply. If the pressure bar gets stuck at an angle, push the foot pedal 5 times more. If it remains stuck, loosen the pressure bar bolts and try again.

For further details and tips to maintain your Terpene Fresh Vacuum Sealer, please refer to the Operator’s Manual.

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